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About Mammoths Acoustic Attenuation Division

Mammoth backed by 40+ years of technical solution expertise has led to the constant improvement of industry leading sound attenuation engineering controls manufactured in house.

Coupled with this technical expertise to design, manufacture and implement sound attenuation products and solutions is ISO compliant sound testing and application of the industries best equipment for acoustic analysis on earth moving machinery.

Relevant Standards informing Mammoth Sound Testing Services:

  •  ISO 3744-2010 ‘Acoustics – Determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources using sound pressure – Engineering methods for an essentially free field over a reflecting plane’
  • AS 2012.1-1990 ‘Acoustics – Measurement of airborne noise emitted by earth-moving machinery and agricultural tractors – Stationary test condition – Determination of Compliance With Limits for External Noise’
  • ISO 6393:2008(E) ‘Earth-moving machinery – Determination of sound power level – Stationary test conditions’

ISO Compliant Sound Testing Equipment


  • 3050-A-060 6-ch Input Module LAN-XI 51.2kHz (Mic, CCLD, V) (slot 6)
  • High precision free-field 1/2” Prepolarized microphones x6 type 4189


  • PULSE™ Sound Power Determination for Earth-moving Machinery Type 7883.

Specialised Equipment

Handheld Array for Acoustic Holography

Acoustic Holography is used for noise leak detection and identification of high priority emission sources for better designed acoustic attenuation controls.

Site Auditing (Environmental Noise)

Mammoth can assist with noise emission management plans by conducting a thorough audit of site operations and testing and observing equipment noise emissions at various operational zones throughout the site.

Services and Process

Relevant Experience

Mammoth is a leading solution provider to the global mining industry and a specialized manufacturer of noise attenuation engineering controls for earth-moving machinery.
We provide sound attenuation products, overhaul and refurb kits, consultancy and testing services to support sites and operators meet their compliance targets and reduce occupational exposure to high levels of industrial noise.
Mammoth is familiar with noise measurement and testing standards, and has undertaken numerous SWL measurement exercises for mobile equipment using various methodologies, both on site and in workshops


  1. Initial Inquiry – Description of Requirements, Compliance Targets / Limits, Relevant Project Documentation / References
  2. Site Testing – Mammoth technicians perform testing to required standards
  3. Analyse – Mammoth analyse and report on findings and propose solution (if applicable)
  4. Implementation -Mammoth supplies product / solution to meet compliance requirements (if applicable)
  5. Acceptance Testing – Solution is verified for compliance

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