Heated Thermal Covers



Heated Thermal Covers are an insulation solution to help reduce equipment downtime by preventing freeze ups on pipes, hoses, tanks, and much more.
These covers are a cost effective and easy-to-install solution to help prevent expensive freeze ups on equipment. They are waterproof, ultraviolet protected and are flexible from -50C to +50C.
The covers consist of a durable silicone cloth that will not break down or crumble over time and are designed for use with heat trace wire.
Our thermal covers coupled with heat trace wire provide a heated, insulated blanket.


• Reduced Downtime
• Cost Effective
• Quality assured
• Easy to Install
• Removable & Reusable


  • Keeps temperature below the flashpoint for hydraulic oil
  • Sealed with Velcro for easy removal and installation
  • Use heat trace wire in conjunction with FreezeGard blankets to help prevent hoses, pipes and tanks from freezing up
  • Self-regulating technology means that it can never over heat


  • Prevent equipment from costly freeze ups in extreme cold conditions
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Blanket kits are available for any piece of equipment
  • Blanket kits can be easily reinstalled

Heat Trace Wire

Use heat trace wire in conjunction with Heated Thermal Blankets to help prevent hoses, pipes and tanks from freezing up

Available in a variety of different voltages

We offer two ways of holding the heat trace wire Heated Thermal Blankets.

1. STRAP STYLE: The strap style is very flexible and is an easy install and can be used in most applications. 

2. BLACK HEAVY DUTY TUBING: The black tubing, is best used for applications such as water, DEF or any other box or tank like applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Heated Thermal Covers fastened?

Velcro hook and loop strip down the length of the blanket. Additional ways of fastening are tie wraps or velcro straps.

How heavy are Heated Thermal Covers?

We aim to keep each individual blanket under 40lbs for ease of installation.

How long do your Heated Thermal Covers take to install?

1-2 hours

Are there any safety concerns with heat trace?

The heat trace wire has self-regulating technology which means that it can never over heat and damage the pipes.

Are your Heated Thermal Covers moisture resistant?


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