About Us


At Mammoth, we understand that you love your machines. We also know that every minute that a machine isn’t operating to its full potential can impact productivity, safety and people.

And that even the most reliable, trusted machines have weaknesses that can be improved.

Our equipment and consumables aren’t just built to replace, they’re expertly designed and engineered by our team to enhance and optimise standard equipment, making your machine perform better, tougher, safer and more dependable because we believe that the best machines are good, but they can be great. They can be…Stronger with Mammoth.

Mammoth is a world-leading equipment and power system solution provider. We offer a broad range of innovative bespoke and universal solutions to the mining, transport, rail, industrial, agriculture and marine industries globally.

Established in 1974, Mammoth’s remarkable growth is underlined by over 46 years of experience delivering innovative integrated solutions to our clients. Our success is based on our ability to build strong relationships, and most importantly, strengthen our customers’ businesses.

Capabilities within our group specialise in engineering, design, fabrication, maintenance and installation services. Our global footprint enables a depth of capability and our reach allows us to provide more complex and diversified solutions.

We are committed to outstanding project management and delivery regardless of the scale or intricacy of the work.