Complete end to end service solutions to help support efficient operations of our customers’ power equipment systems.



Mammoth offers a range of full-service testing solutions for diesel particulate matter, noise, gas and heat emissions. Our highly skilled and trained team have access to the most up to date technologies to monitor and validate your emission efficiencies.

Emission testing includes:

  • Diesel Particulate Matter Testing (Mass and Count)
  • Gaseous Testing (CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, CxHy, CO2)
  • Thermal Emission Testing
  • Noise Emission Testing

Our installation and measuring solutions will provide seamless customer experience, to ensure your Mammoth products are installed to perform to maximum capacity.

Site services include:

  • Measuring
  • Installation of Thermal Solutions
  • Installation of DPF
  • Delivery
  • Data Logger Installation
  • Tank Installation (EcoBlue only)
  • Batch and Tanker Load Testing (EcoBlue only)
  • Tank Gauge Level Monitoring (EcoBlue only)
  • Thermal Emission Testing
  • Noise Emission Testing

Our wealth of experience gives us a unique capability to audit, diagnose and plan within your operations to ensure you meet safety regulations, and equipment and power systems are performing to maximum capacity.

Our auditing team offers:

  • Fire Mitigation Audits
  • Thermal Cover Audits
  • DPF Performance Audit
  • DPF Cleaning Equipment Audits
  • Exhaust Condition Audits

By partnering with our customers, we strengthen your projects through our consultation solutions. Our consultation capabilities allow us to integrate with your systems to ensure rapid project delivery through a range of services.

Consultation includes:

  • DPM Management Plan Development
  • DPF Implementation Program
  • Contract Agreement (FPA and SA’s)
  • Product Installation Training – DPF
  • Product Training
  • Equipment Registers
  • Project Management

We provide a suite of engineering services, led by our in-house engineering team. This ensures the highest quality of engineering that delivers safe, flexible and cost-effective solutions to suit your project.

Our Engineering team offers:

  • Scanning
  • Measuring
  • Design
  • Customisation
  • Product Improvement and Innovations