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Diesel Particulate Filters

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Exposure to diesel exhaust is part of our everyday lives. We encounter diesel-powered vehicles and the air pollution they create every day. In thousands of medical studies, scientists have documented serious adverse health impacts from the air pollutants resulting from diesel exhaust. Governments now recognize that black carbon soot is the number two cause of climate change and the most important component of air pollution affecting our public health. Health authorities have identified diesel particulate matter as a toxic air contaminant owing to its potential to cause cancer, premature death and other health problems.

Scientific studies have proven that diesel soot has a carcinogenic effect as well as being a main contributor to atmospheric smog alongside of nitrous oxide. Cleaner fuels and emission control technologies that can reduce this pollution by up to 98% are here today. We need to move to make retrofitting these highly effective emission controls to diesel engines on the road today a public health priority.

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Diesel Particulate Filters At A Glance


Not all mine site vehicles or their diesel particulate filters are made equally.

The largest underground mining vehicles typically with heavy duty cycles are in a class of their own for their power, performance and potential emissions (depending on engine type). Our Diesel Particulate Filters are purpose built to suit OEM specifications of these vehicles.

The mid-range support vehicles are often too compact to fit a standard Diesel Particulate Filter, add to that unpredictable duty cycles and most suppliers would be waving the white flag. However our catalysed substrate DPF has proven to be a key component in managing Diesel Particulate Emissions on these vehicles; purpose built to suit OEM specifications.

Finally the light duty vehicles, people movers, land cruisers, fuel and liquid trucks, shotcreters, etc are often the weak-link in the chain of holistic and thorough Diesel Particulate Management. The Mammoth Sintered Metal Filters are purpose built to suit OEM specifications.

We design filters to suit individual make, model and serial variations, this considers a range of relevant factors such as; Original Equipment muffler brackets and space, engine size, power and original equipment specifications (as a function for allowable back pressure), proximity to heat sensitive components and exhaust gas flow direction.

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