PyroGard Thermal Exhaust Blankets are used to insulate; engine parts, exhaust piping and components on industrial process piping and machinery. In particular applications which use diesel engines, such as power generation, on highway equipment, trucks, light vehicles, and marine vessels, they often require insulation blankets to manage the heat that these engines generate.

With our extensive library of patterns and designs we cover lagging kits to suit nearly all makes of engines and machines including CaterpillarĀ®, Scania, Detroit, Komatsu, Liebherr, Hitachi and Terex.

PyroGard Thermal Exhaust Blankets are used to effectively;

  • Protect employee personnel from heat stress and burn related injuries, therefore reducing OHS risks.
  • Increase exhaust system efficiencies and reduce ambient temperatures such as engine compartments etc.
  • Protect hoses, wiring and solenoids from excess heat radiated by engines and exhaust systems
  • Reduce the potential of fires caused by hydraulic oil leaks igniting on hot surfaces

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