Operating conditions of engine equipment in the transport and mining industries are dangerous, often engine parts can run with a touch surface of over 500°C (more than double the flashpoint of oil). Add to that a small hydraulic oil leak spraying onto these hot surfaces and you've got a serious incident.


The PyroGard Range.

Recognising the problem our Research and Development Team developed the PyroGard range with one simple goal in mind; to keep people safe – our thermal blanket and lagging technology evolved quickly, learning from customer feedback and identifying the weaknesses of our competitors' products. We developed thermal blankets which are;

  • Incredibly durable able to withstand temperatures exceeding 1000°C
  • Abrasion proof
  • Built from a range of materials to prevent liquid absorption.

Safety is a high priority for all of us but what you're really after is peace of mind, you've found the solution. With measurements and specifications done for most vehicles it's a convenient call and delivery. If your vehicle has any special requirements or modifications – it's a free measure and quote.

PyroGard Thermal Blankets and Lagging Technology are;

  • Prompt, convenient and easy to install (fitting services also available)
  • Come complete with technical CAD diagrams at your request
  • Customisable and flexible
  • Are the most cost effective solution for reducing surface temperature
  • Increase performance through more effective heat insulation.

Call us now for a free consultation to see how PyroGard Thermal Blankets can help you.

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Click Here to Download the – PyroGard Brochure (Mining)

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