ArmourGard - Cable and Hose Protection

THE PROBLEM TO BE FIXED: Cables and Hoses often run in harsh operating conditions where abrasion is unavoidable, continued abrasion can cause punctures, irregularities and weak points in the structural integrity of the cable or hose, eventually causing cables to snap or spurt leading to expensive and time-consuming cable/hose replacement.

The Mammoth Solution

The ArmourGard Range.

Recognising the problems caused by abrasion to cables and hoses the ArmourGard Product Range was developed to ensure that maintenance personnel would no longer have to spend hours regularly replacing cables and hoses.

Our Cable and Hose Protection is;

  • A hard abrasion proof protective shell able to cover the entire Cable or Hose as required.
  • A way of organising and separating certain cables preventing tangling and reduces maintenance time.
  • Built with convenience in mind – is easy to install over cables without having to disconnect them from equipment.

The ArmourGard range is known for impressively cost effective solutions on all cable and hose protection applications call us today on 1300 310 340 for a quote on your cable and hose protection needs.

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