About Us

Mission Statement

To equip the Heavy Diesel Industries with the best equipment at the best price, we practice continuous improvement and adhere to the following core principles throughout the process of meeting all objectives:

  • Our Research and Development team are in direct communication with the front-line.
  • Our prices are competitive and we deliver a high standard of value and quality to our customers.
  • Our equipment is distributed quickly and conveniently (most often same day despatch).
  • Our products are innovative and customised to suit our client’s needs and requirements.

We talk the talk…

Mammoth Equipment & Exhausts is a Family owned and operated business, manufacturing and distributing complete exhaust systems for commercial vehicles and industrial machinery since 1974.

At Mammoth you get down to earth knowledge and experience. We can speak your language whether it’s; Mining, Transport, Construction, Earthmoving, Agriculture or Marine. If you are in the heavy machinery business we understand your needs and we can help you.

The key to Mammoth’s success is continuous innovation. We are at the forefront of progress, be it new emissions laws or the next generation of vehicles and equipment. We will build it to match your needs and requirements. At Mammoth you know that it is Guaranteed to Fit and Built To Last.

And walk the walk…

Experience: We have technical consultants - Mammoth Equipment & Exhausts' technical consultants have up to 20 years of experience in the heavy diesel industry. There is no substitute for experience of that nature, we don’t push products to people who don’t need them, instead, our consultants do their research and ensure that when they make contact with a new company it’s a purposeful and helpful experience with your benefit in mind. Our aims are simple to deliver a better product at a competitive price and to develop a long-term relationship with our clients.

  • Customisation & Flexibility: We strive for an unparalleled response to specific customer's needs; we redesign, innovate and improve on a range of equipment and deliver customised systems to our customers on a daily basis. 
  • Research & Development: We ensure our Research and Development department is in direct communication with the front-line that means we can engineer a product to fix OEMs manufacturing faults before their office administrator even gets the email.
  • Rigorous Improvement: We encourage an open channel of communication with our clients we want to know how our products are going firsthand, using this feedback we can innovate and improve our products and services - we never settle for simply “no defects!” or “as good as OEM!”.

The road ahead…

At Mammoth we recognise a good business is built on integrity. In order to service the hundreds of clients we already have effectively and conveniently we have expanded to date (2013) with four offices and 6 warehouses around Australia, plus a cohort of business-to-business official distributers and on-sellers. Through strategic and effective planning we will further consolidate our position as the leading manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere of complete exhaust and emission systems for the highway and off-road markets for diesel engines.

Any machine, anywhere - We don’t make promises we can’t keep. It took over 38 years for Mammoth to become nationally recognised as a leader in exhaust and emissions manufacturing, you know we are in it for the long haul.

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